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And Mogwai

Long time no sea.
Fuck these introductions.
Tired of it.

Let’s get some more of Mogwai.

Something that I’ve never posted here. This is post-rock. For those who like labels.
This is probably in my top 5 awesome bands.
Mogwai is an instrumental Scottish band and… Well, this is it. I guess.

Not a very common thing, I believe. Instrumental stuff, synthesizers, lots and lots of distortion.
Some of you may not like, some of you may sleep, some of you will just close this goddamn blog and get back to the Facebook.
Nothing against Facebook. Just let the song play. While you enjoy Facebook.

They are not a random unknown band, like some of those that I’ve posted here, they are pretty known actually.
If you never heard a thing about them, let it play and enjoy!

I started listening to Mogwai because of Carl Sagan’s videos. From Cosmos and etc. It seems that post-rock and Astronomy match pretty well.
(To those that have never seen the video I’m talking about, here it goes.)
Dude. Listening to both is quite weird.
Since then, I’ve had this strange concept that Carl Sagan’s voice is like the vocals of Mogwai. Weird shit.


This is it. I’ll be off for a while.
Damn! It’s Christmas soon.

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And Black Diamond Heavies

Hey look!
Back again!
From the ashes of procrastination and laziness.
To the dearest blog you ever visited.

I highly recomend you to put your best headphone or turn the volume all the way up. That doesnt mean you can’t do both.

What about Black Diamond Heavies now?

A goddamn organ and a goddamn drum.
That’s it. We don’t need anything else. We done. Let’s go home and do shit.
It may sound a little weird, just two of those things, but the result is quite awesome.
Especially the drum. Holy hell, that thing is amazing.
There’s vocals too, hoarse as whisky.

Sadly, every single video that I’ve found on YouTube are on a quite shitty quality.
The best thing to do is to download all of their albums, and be happy.

Now I need to get back to my preparations to the End of the World.
See you guys there.



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And Denney & The Jets

Back again, with bands you never hear before, and they’ll probably keep it that way!
Just like you and me!
Fuck that depressive attitude…

Let’s get some Denney & The Jets now.

Surf Music guitars and Chuck Berry. That’s pretty much it.
I have no idea where they came from. What are their influences and shit like that.
Just a bunch of random dudes playing some awesome stuff.
I mean, do we even need a premise to listen to something?

Even if it is shitty?

5426855369_9eb10a36c1_zMaybe you’ll “What’s the big deal about these guys?“, Hell! I don’t know.
Just listen, you know.
No need for a big deal, as I said.
Just effing listen.

If you like their stuff, you can check their website over here.
I’ve bought their most recent album, self titled, Denney & the Jets (Slick Rick).
It’s a really cool album, I must say, it was worth the money.
Check some of the songs they posted over there for free.

This is it for now.
Gotta go back to procrastination.
She’s calling me like a bitch.
I mean, I’m her bitch.


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And Justin Townes Earle

Hey I’m back! Sort of…
Long time since last post, some shit happened.
A lot of shit actually. But, now…

Back with Justin Townes Earle.

The devil got the best of this boy.
And bless God for it.

The best description for Mr. Earle I’ve found around.

How the does he play like that? I’m not a musician myself, but I’ve never seen shit like that. I mean, it’s not normal to me. But, besides his peculiar way of playing, I think he’s great. Like some other guys I’ve posted here once, (A freaking long time ago.) they bring back the whole blues thing.
Different? Yeah, maybe… But a Good Different.
Awesome, would fit it better.
Listen it for yourself, I beg you. Taste before saying it’s shitty.

Unfortunately, I don’t appreciate his studio albums that much.
For me, his stage performances are completely different from what he does on a studio.
I have no idea of how to explain that.
But anyways, we have live, we have studio. Go be happy and enjoy the one you like the most, or both, doesn’t matter.
Just enjoy.

Glad I’m back.
Not gonna say it’s for good this time.

Probably isn’t.

Ok, It’s not at all for good.
One day I’ll disappear and shit.  Not even a goodbye, I bet. But I’ll bring some flowers after 3 months or so. Hoping not to be too late.

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And Orange Goblin

My other hell of a week is over!
Fuck my life, rite?
I Haven’t forgotten you lads.
Not yet! Not  anytime soon!

Enjoy Orange Goblin.

Praised be those friends with great taste of music.
Yeah, I’m talking’ to you.
No! Not you that listen to Nickelback.
Nothing against Nickelback. I think they are like the Nicolas Cage of music.
Hope that wasnt so mean.

Ok, got a little carried away.
But here’s one of the best I’ve listened. Getting back from the shit hole with Orange Goblin is quite reinvigorating.
No doubts it’s the heaviest thing I’ve ever posted here.
But not that heavy.
Haven’t looked up for more stuff from them.
But from all I could find, they have a big load of shit released.
Well, for a guy that usually listen to recently formed bands, that’s a big load of shit.
Thank hell they have a big load of stuff, they are just great.

A freaking band that makes you wish you had a freaking chopper like a kid wants a toy. It makes it worth listening.
And just like Motorhead, listening them gives you 5 points to spend on courage or macho skills. I’m telling you.

Liked them? I bet ya you’ll like Graveyard!

‘Till next post.
Hope I’ll be still alive until then.
See y’all.
(Short post? Yeah, maybe. I’ll try shorter posts, but more posts throughout the weeks.)

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And Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

A Freaking long time ago, I used to post bands on this blog.
The dark age of no-post-days are gone!

Behold, Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires!

Things are still the same.
But, not quite.
My hell of a week at college could be worse. If it wasn’t for these awesome guys.
You know you have reached the end of the well when you look for a band on Google, and he doesn’t suggest you anything.
I almost couldn’t find them out. But, thanks again to Daytrotter, they brought some shine of hope. (It sounded like I was in the war, or something like that, but actually I was just making an 8 bit architecture. Almost the same. )
Their songs are like, what I’m used to think, takes-you-by-the-guts songs. Forever from Kiss has almost the same effect. I listen to it, I have to sing it. With all my tears and every thread of hair in my body.
Don’t you dare to say you have no songs like that. Deep down your soul, on the farthest cell to the left, there it will be, behind those cell bars, ready to rise and shine.

Totally gay, I know it.

Couldn’t resist.
Enough of Kiss and gay seals.

Apparently, Lee Bains & the Glory Fires seem quite new. They just released an album. There Is a bomb in Gilead.
So freakin’ soon, so awesome.
The first thing that I do when I listen to something new, is to try to assimilate this new thing with something that I’ve already tasted.
Lee Bains and his group had to go through the same steps.
It was easy to compare with other stuff.
I even tought they were alike to Imperial State Electric.
Or even to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

And that’s what they are. A completely americana band. But, not that americana sound.
I know that it’s fucken weird.
Words no more, try to listen to it yourself.
(I guess I’ve said, “Not the usual shit, but, they are the usual shit.” Fucking confusing, I’m confused. Fuck that.

Actually, I’ve just bought their fresh album.
I’ll check it out, maybe even share the file word with you guys.
But, for now, their YouTube links will keep you thrilled.

My long journey beyond the gates of hell are now over.
So fuckin’ awesome.
Just like Lee Bains.

Enough, I shall rest, before college takes my breath again!

See you guys next week.

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My Fucked Up Week.

Still busy as shit.
Freaking busy.
Like Record Breaking busy.

BUT! I didn’t forget you guys.

Can’t make that post, but I bet you gonna be fine with this one:

That Guitar, That… God… Fuck… Holy Shit…. Man! Perfect.

Actually, I’ve posted Charles Bradley here once…
Fuck that, he’s great.

See you soon.
Wish me luck.